Podcast episodes (1 hour)

Talking about Talking, ft. jamilah malika, Jessica Karuhanga, & special guest Faith ParĂ©. Produced by Katherine McLeod. The SpokenWeb Podcast, 3 May 2021.

How are we listening, now? Signal, Sound, Silence. Produced by Jason Camlot and Katherine McLeod. The SpokenWeb Podcast. 4 May 2020.

Stories of SpokenWeb. Produced by Cheryl Gladu and Katherine McLeod. The SpokenWeb Podcast. 3 October 2019.

Selected ShortCuts episodes (10-15 minutes) produced for The SpokenWeb Podcast

ShortCuts 3.4 The Voice that is the Poem, ft. Kaie Kellough, 21 February 2022.

ShortCuts 3.4 Sonic Passages, ft. archival audio of Daphne Marlatt, 17 Jan 2022.

ShortCuts 3.3 Communal Memories, ft. archival audio of Lee Maracle, 20 Dec 2021.

ShortCuts 3.2 What the Archive Remembers, ft. archival audio of bpNichol, 22 Nov 2021.

ShortCuts 3.1 Sounds, 18 Oct 2021.

ShortCuts 2.10 Alone Together, ft. archival audio of Tanya Davis. 19 July 2021.

ShortCuts 2.9: Situating Sound, ft. archival audio of Dionne Brand. 21 June 2021.

ShortCuts 2.8: Contrapuntal Poetics, ft. archival audio of Alexei Perry Cox. 17 May 2021.

ShortCuts 2.7: Moving, ft. archival audio of Phyllis Webb. 19 April 2021.

ShortCuts 2.6: Listening Together, ft. archival audio of Margaret Avison. 15 March 2021.

ShortCuts 2.5: Connections, ft. archival audio of Muriel Rukeyser. 15 Feb 2021.

ShortCuts 2.4: You Are Here, ft. archival audio of Muriel Rukeyser. 18 Jan 2021.

ShortCuts 2.3: Audible Time, ft. archival audio of Muriel Rukeyser. 21 Dec 2020.

ShortCuts 2.2: The Poem Among Us, ft. archival audio of Muriel Rukeyser. 16 Nov 2020.

ShortCuts 2.1: Introducing ShortCuts. 19 Oct 2020.


Interviews with Katherine McLeod

“Katherine McLeod, interviewed by John Latour.” 4th SPACE Concordia Podcast,

“Listening to the Library, a 4th SPACE Podcast and conversation.” 4th SPACE, online,–a-4th-space-podcast—conversation.html?c=/events